Fed Up With FedEx


Just because something is legal, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is either moral, ethical or sustainable. – Alex Hofford, Wildlife Campaigner, WildAid

Up to 73 million sharks are killed for soup every year, and demand for their fins continues to decimate populations around the world.

Recently, UPS and DHL took a huge stand against this horrible practice and announced they will no longer ship shark fins. FedEx, however, won’t budge. The company is continuing to profit on the shark fin trade while other companies are standing for what’s right.

We can’t let this happen. Please take these important steps in the race and tell FedEx to use its global power to save sharks – not to help traffickers hunt them to extinction.

1.       Sign the Petitionhttp://bit.ly/1UWuRcj

2.       Call and/or Email FedEx

Optional Script:


I am calling/emailing to urge FedEx to stop shipping shark fins. Up to 73 million sharks die each year for their fins to end up in soup. With UPS and DHL not allowing this shipment, it is import that FedEx follows and helps play a pivotal role in stopping the disappearance of sharks from our ocean.

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Mitch Jackson

Vice President of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, FedEx Corporation

Phone: 901-818-7402

Email: mitch.jackson@fedex.com

Twitter: @mitch_jackson

Rebecca Tong

FedEx Asia Pacific

Phone: +852 2514 0813

Email: rebecca.tong@fedex.com

David Hill

FedEx Custom Critical Communications

Phone: 234-310-4169

Email: dhhill@fedex.com

Jim McCluskey

Media Relations at FedEx

Phone: 901-508-2077

Email: jmmccluskey@fedex.com

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