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What is going on now with the dolphins in Taiji?

What are cetaceans?

Does the Japanese government know about the dolphin slaughters?

I want to do more, I have donated and want to get involved.

Can’t the dolphins be warned about the killings so they don’t enter the cove? Can audio recordings be used?

Does mercury affect our children's health?

How does mercury enter the food chain?

How does mercury affect the dolphins?

Do dolphins socialize?

Is physical and public contact with dolphins healthy for the animals?

What is the lifespan of a dolphin?

What is a dolphin's brain like?

What is unique about a dolphin's senses?

Can dolphins understand sign language?

Is it okay to watch dolphin shows created with dolphins born in captivity?

Which animal has the longest song in the animal kingdom?

Who eats dolphin meat?

Is "Scientific Whaling" meat also sold on the world markets?

Have dolphins rescued human beings?

I want to join Ric in Japan, how can I reach him?

How can I get in touch with Ric O’Barry?

How deep do dolphins dive?

How do dolphins communicate?

Do blue whales and fin whales help each other find food?

How does Ecuador stand on dolphin rights?

Is pollution a problem for our oceans?

Does Navy sonar testing harm dolphins?

Are dolphin and whale numbers worldwide stable?

Does OPS know about the dolphin slaughter in the Faroe Islands? Does OPS plan to get involved?

How are my donations used for when I designate Future Projects?

How are my donations used for when I designate The Cove?

How can I purchase a Cove t-shirt or other OPS gear?

How can I start a branch of OPS where I live?

I have donated and am very interested in joining your organization. Do you have a membership or volunteer application or a way for me to get involved?

I want to host a fundraiser for OPS, how can I do this?

I want to start a club in my school, how do I do that?

Do you ship internationally?

How soon after purchase is my order shipped?

Can I Buy A Gift Certificate?

Can I mail in an order?

Can I pay for an order and have it shipped to a different address?

Can I speak with a live person?

How do I return a product?

How much does shipping cost?

I need my item sooner. Can you FedEx it?

Is my personal and credit card information safe?

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