We collaborate, conspire, and create, all for a common cause...our oceans.

The Biggest Story In The World

From the Academy Award® winning filmmakers of The Cove, a team of artists and activists exposes the hidden world of extinction with never-before-seen-images that will change the way we see our planet.

Currently, we are witnessing an alarmingly high rate of extinction, potentially resulting in the loss of half of all species by the end of this century. One of the culprits is the international wildlife trade, which profits from products derived from endangered species. Another is the collateral damage to our environment from the relentless burning of fossil fuels.

Using covert tactics and state-of-the-art technology, our Racing Extinction team exposes the truth to empower the global community to create a movement and take action.


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Reduce Carbon
Save Species

The Invisible
Made Visible


Why Sharks


"When you're talking about losing all of nature, it's not a spectator sport anymore. Everybody has to become active somehow."- Louie Pslhoyos


Protect Endangered Species

Racing Extinction shines a light on the plight of endangered species in the hopes of uniting the global community to take action. Our goal: ignite a movement before it's too late. One example where action is desperately needed: 70+ million sharks are harvested annually, that's a daily average of 250,000 sharks killed - this is not sustainable or ethical. Knowing that awareness is not a resting place, our film Racing Extinction seeks to inspire us all to take action - #StartWith1Thing

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Shining A Light on Endangered Species

Projecting Change is an OPS project that seeks to highlight the beauty and importance of protecting wildlife, especially endangered species. Captivating images are projected onto iconic structures such as the United Nations, the Empire State Building, and St. Peter's Basilica - shining a light on the need for worldwide conservation. Responsible stewardship for our planet is the mission. We can all #StartWith1Thing


"There is still a lot left in the world worth fighting for..."

- Jane Goodall, Racing Extinction

Taiji, Japan: A Little Town With A Really Big Secret

Winner of the 2009 Academy Award®, Best Documentary

The Cove follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers, and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, exposing how this small village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes worldwide. This OPS project demonstrates how film, along with social media, can ignite a global movement.

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"My goal is to make a film that doesn't just create awareness, but inspires people to get motivated to change this insane path we're on."- Louie Pslhoyos

A Covert Mission

Often the world is kept in the dark about serious threats to wildlife and our environment; OPS believes this is where we must shine a light and focus our lens. Our mission is to give a voice to the voiceless. For up-to-date information regarding this initiative for dolphins in Taiji, Japan, and more, we invite you to visit: dolphinproject.net