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“The dolphin's smile is nature’s greatest deception”

Ric O Barry

Captive marine mammal experiences are cruel. Whales and dolphins suffer when forced to entertain. We now know that these creatures, taken from their natural setting and placed in concrete pools or tanks create a multitude of problems.
  • The lack of exercise, boredom and nutritional deficiencies cause stress on their minds and bodies.
  • There are primarily sonic oriented beings. The sounds of machinery, screaming crowds, loud music are amplified against the concrete sides of the tanks. This causes stress.
  • Dolphins are trained through starvation. They don’t naturally do these spectacular tricks.

Just say No, Don’t Go To:

  • Dolphin Parks.
  • Swim With Dolphin Programs.
  • Hotels and Lodges that feature captive dolphins on the property.
  • Dolphin “Trainer For A Day” programs.
  • Dolphin “Research” facilities that charge large amounts to interact with dolphins.
  • Cruise lines that feature stops at Swim With Dolphin Parks.

The Captive Dolphin industry is fueled by money, not love of the animals. If audiences stop coming, they will stop taking these joyful creatures from the wild.




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