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Undersea Majesty is a limited edition collection of fine art prints featuring stunning underwater photography taken by the OPS team in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. These prints are taken with the world's best underwater still camera, commissioned by OPS co-founder Jim Clark, and have been called "the holy grail of underwater photography" by the some of the most prominent photographers. The camera pushes the boundaries of optics and resolution while showcasing the planet's richest areas of biodiversity. 

To own a print from the Undersea Majesty collection, contact OPS. Photos of the available inventory are below. All prints are custom framed in UV protective glass, size 36" x 28.5". Price is $5,000 plus shipping ($2,000 eligible for a tax deduction).

Manta Ray in Andaman Islands, India, photographed by Louie Psihoyos

To view any of the images below, please click a thumbnail, wait for the image to load, then simply move your mouse around the image to see it in stunning high quality. Please be patient, load times can be slow due to their high resolution.

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