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Learn it, share it, make change happen.

  • Eyes of the Reef. A Hawaii based org that needs you to report on what you see in the sea.
  • Learn as much as you can. The Blue Ocean Institute is your online academy.
  • Want to do something? Then Do Something. Tons of ways to get involved on this teen site.
  • Earthwatch Institute puts together conservation expeditions around the world. For teens (yay) Not cheap (boo).
  • Go hang out at the EPA Student Center. They have everything but snacks.
  • Kid Zone at Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society is for the wee folks. But fun.
  • Start a group. Here's how.
  • We here at OPS believe that children are our future. We also recognize their creative visions, so we are honored to host our Children's Ocean Art Gallery: See The Sea.
    We invite children of all ages and places to scan and send us original art inspired by the oceans. Parents/Teachers, we ask for your help in launching dialogue.
    Scan at 72dpi and then use this form to send us your artwork
    We regret that not all art can be included.

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