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Happy #MantaMonday! Manta rays are one of the many species we hope to teach stu...More >

We are happy to announce you can now rent or buy our first Academy-award winning...More >

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We are sad to report the second grind of the year has resulted in the death of over 100 pilot whales. The hunt took place last night on #Suðuroy, the southern most of the Faroe Islands.⁠
It's important to remember that modern Faroese communities are not even remotely reliant upon whale meat as a food source and are as far from a subsistence existence as any other modern European country. Growing evidence suggests meat from these hunts is often wasted, dumped at sea, or incinerated.⁠
TAKE ACTION: Speak up against these hunts at bit.ly/StopTheGrindadrap (linked in our bio)⁠

Oceanic manta rays are the largest ray species in the world, reaching over 23 feet from wingtip to wingtip and weighing over 5,000 pounds! These gentle giants are filter feeders, and spend their life constantly on the move seeking their tiny zooplankton prey. ⁠

Once in abundance across the ocean, today the oceanic manta ray and many of its smaller cousins are considered endangered by the IUCN. This is largely due to the unsustainable practices of the fin and gill trade where they are actively hunted, as well as the commercial fishing industry where gear accidentally ensnares the species as bycatch. ⁠

Manta rays are one of the many species we hope to teach students and the public about through the #SeaOfConnections campaign with @CanvasOfTheWild. Support the campaign at bit.ly/SeaOfConnections (linked in or bio).⁠

Artwork by @Kellyofthewild⁠
#OPSociety #MantaMonday #RacingExtinction

We’ve been working hard to ensure the broadest global access to our first Academy-award winning documentary, The Cove (2009). As a result, we are happy to announce you can now rent or buy the film on all of your favorite platforms, and some new ones to boot! Access The Cove through the link in our bio, and stay tuned for additional platforms as they come online!⁠
#OPSociety #TheCove

Happy #EndangeredSpeciesDay! When most people think of endangered species, we’ve found that they tend to think of rhinos, tigers, wolves, birds and other animals. However, let’s not forget that plants can become endangered species, too. And Hawai’i, also known as the extinction capitol of the world, has more endangered plants than any state in the USA. We met up with the team at @hui_ku_maoli_ola, the largest native Hawaiian plant nursery in the world, to chat about the work they’re doing to conserve Hawai’i’s endangered plant species and how native plants have an irreplaceable ecological role that aids other endangered wildlife.

Stay tuned for more about the unique and endangered plants of Hawai’i and the importance of utilizing native plant species in your neighborhood.

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