Good news! Sea Isle City bans shark fishing from beaches after uptick in catches...More >

Deep-sea mining could begin in less than a year after talks fail to produce regu...More >

The Mediterranean Sea has been experiencing elevated temperatures since May, wit...More >

ICYMI: Just one day after an orca named Nakai died at SeaWorld after 20 years of...More >

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OPS inspires, empowers, and connects a global community using high-impact films and visual storytelling to expose the most critical issues facing our planet.

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Our team member @alexfilardo was on an expedition earlier this year to the isolated Laysan Island (Kauō), one of the Northwest Hawaiian Islands. There he found threatened, endangered, and endemic species. Unfortunately, he also found an overwhelming amount of human impact on this island which is otherwise uninhabited by people.⁠
Watch the full video at (linked in our bio)⁠

You can also help us encourage legislators to support the #BreakFreeFromPlastic Pollution Act which will reduce the production and use of certain single-use plastic products and packaging. Go to the link in our bio and click Action Center to take action!

TAKE ACTION with our friends at @onlyone!⁠

"We are days away from our best chance to save the #HighSeas from the destruction of human hands. Starting on August 15th, world leaders will meet in New York to finalize a treaty that would ensure the protection of this critical area.⁠

The area known as the High Seas covers nearly two-thirds of the ocean. This vast and mysterious region is almost entirely unprotected. No one lays claim to it – and no country’s laws govern it, leaving it vulnerable to human activities such as overfishing, pollution, shipping, and potential mining.⁠

This is our moment to act." Add your name to encourage a strong treaty to protect the High Seas at (linked in our bio).⁠
Video by @ShawnHeinrichs⁠
#OnlyOne #RacingExtinction

The shark fin trade is brutal, fins are sliced off live sharks and millions perish each year. Many airlines perpetuate this barbaric trade by facilitating transportation. You can help stop this! Join the #FlyWithoutFins campaign at (linked in our bio) to tell airlines like @Avianca to be a part of the solution and commit to a shark fin ban!⁠
Artwork by @vearless.activism.⁠
#OPSociety @RacingExtinction

Sadly, the Taiji drive fishery quota for the 2022/23 season has been announced. The species and quota numbers are the same as last season. ⁠
TAKE ACTION: Join our friends at @dolphin_project at (linked in our bio)⁠
Graphic: #DolphinProject

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