A new investigation reveals reports of shark, ray, dolphin, and whale abuse on M...More >

On Monday, the 27th, a public hearing will be held to stop the finning trade in ...More >

That's great but let's not stop there! The EU has a chance to finally establish ...More >

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Making Waves on Instagram

June is Ocean’s Month, and to honor it were raising $20,000 to fight commercial whaling, dolphin drive hunts, and shark finning.

Here’s a look at what previous fundraisers accomplished:

-Reduced the kills of dolphin hunts by 50%
-Phased out Orca captivity in California
-Established the ban of dolphins in multiple states and countries
-Influenced Japanese schools to stop serving dolphin meat
-Encouraged Hong Kong Air to stop transporting dolphins

We’re asking for individual donations of $5 to help us get to our goal! Every donation matters, and makes a huge impact in the work we and our partners are doing on the front lines of these issues. #oceansmonth #commercialwhaling #finbannow #sharkfinning #FlyWithoutFins #yourvoice #animalrights #OPSociety

Highlighting the horror of commercial fishing and bycatch. Imagine for every cow that was killed for human consumption, a pig and a chicken was also killed along side it—and then discarded simply to decompose. That’s the reality when we consume fish. Bycatch kills million of unintended souls every year. 🎥 @save_our_seas7 #bycatch #bycatchkills #commercialfishing ...

Introducing—the nudibranch! 🥺 These little sea slugs that are considered to be one of the most beautiful animals in the world. Over 3,000 species of nudibranchs exist, and most live in shallow tropical waters. They can be anywhere from a quarter of an inch to 13 inches long. Where do they get their bright and beautiful colors from? Their food! When the nudibranch eats, it absorbs and displays its preys pigment. 🎥 @jacobguy.media #nudibranch #nudibranchs #OPsociety ...

Whales are critical to the health of the oceans and the ecosystem. We hunted them to near extinction over the last two centuries. There is an international moratorium on whaling, but Iceland continues to hunt fin whales, the second largest animal on the planet. Almost all the meat is sold to Japan.

Commercial whaling is ecocide, and needs to stop now.

We are going through a sixth mass extinction and we need whales to survive. Large whales sequester tons of carbon in their lifetime and fertilize the oceans, helping phytoplankton bloom which creates oxygen.

Tell Iceland whaling should end today. Comment on the social media accounts below to urge Iceland to stop commercial whaling.

Katrín Jakobsdóttir, Prime Minister: @katrinjakobsd

Svandís Svavarsdóttir, Minister of Fisheries:

Video by @anahita.earth & @micahgaren
Footage by @bluelifewild @nordichouseiceland @micahgaren @last_whaling_station

Cover photo by @karimiliya

#finwhale #whale #valueofwhales #ecocide #extinctionrebellion #savethewhales #stopwhaling #biodiversity #whales #whalingisecocide #iceland #letthemlive #endwhaling #stopwhaling #climatecrisis #climatechange #oceans #saveouroceans

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