This October, thousands of people will come to DC and engage in nonviolent civil...More >

Can new protections save China’s horseshoe crabs? @RacingXtinction #Extinction...More >

Conservation groups have sued the Biden administration over the U.S. Department ...More >

Experts say the establishment of a new marine protected area off Peru that allow...More >

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The issue of bycatch is often out of sight and out of mind for many people purchasing seafood at the supermarket. This powerful piece from @worldoceansday does a great job at portraying the devastating impact bycatch has on marine wildlife. If you purchase seafood, do you know how many other animals may have been caught and killed in the pursuit of the one you wanted? If not, try #FishFreeFriday with us and our partners at @GoodCatchFoods and @FishFreeFebruary. With so many plant-based seafood options, you may be surprised at just how easy it is to kiss the real thing goodbye 👋. ...

URGENT: There are only 5 months left to get 700,000 votes to end the shark fin trade in the EU! This is our chance to do some real damage to the destructive shark finning industry and we can't let it slip through our fingers. If you're an EU citizen and haven't voted yet, please head to the link in our bio ( If you're not an EU citizen or have already voted, please SHARE this to your IG Story and help spread the word!⁠
You can also follow @stopfinningeu for updates!⁠

Additional footage of MarineLand's last surviving orca Kiska by @breakingmarineland. Can you imagine living in isolation since 2011? She has outlived all of her former tank mates, including her five calves. It's well past time to #FreeKiska and give her the retirement she more than deserves.⁠
#OPSociety #CaptivityKills #DontBuyATicket

As the fifth largest economy in the world, California’s purchasing power has significant market force.⁠
The California Deforestation Free Procurement Act (AB 416) could make CA the first state in the USA to require companies selling products like palm oil, cattle, timber, and soy to certify that their products aren't linked to tropical deforestation or impacting the rights of Indigenous peoples in the area.⁠
This is HUGE and would allow CA to utilize its purchasing power to help end tropical rainforest deforestation.⁠
We urge @gavinnewsom to sign #AB416 into law and make California a leader in ending tropical deforestation!⁠

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