The U.S. and Canada are seeking a ban in the Pacific on two fishing devices, kno...More >

We want to take a moment to thank our #OPS Cause Partner Jeulia Jewelry who have...More >

In a court ruling, wolf hunting and trapping regulations were reinstated for 202...More >

Over the last half-century, the reefs have lost 95% of the coral that once cover...More >

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Expose the Truth.
Protect the Planet.

OPS inspires, empowers, and connects a global community using high-impact films and visual storytelling to expose the most critical issues facing our planet.

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We Create to Inspire. We Collaborate to Solve.

By documenting humankind's formidable impact on the environment, we inspire action and motivate change.

Combining state-of-the-art technology, courage, and covert operations, OPS harnesses the power of the camera to expose crimes against nature and illuminate solutions.

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The Cove

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Racing Extinction

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Projecting Change

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Projecting Change

Our visual displays show you a world you will never forget.

We highlight the beauty of our shared home by projecting compelling content onto iconic architecture worldwide.

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Global Threats

OPS films help change the world.

We shine a light on the most critical issues facing our planet.

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Take action to protect the planet.

Through our collaborations with partners, policy makers, and front-line defenders, we champion a more humane and sustainable future.

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Making Waves on Instagram

Did you hear the good news? @Avianca has pledged to prohibit the transport of shark fins in their cargo to help combat the shark fin trade! Help us encourage more airlines to commit to flying fin-free by joining the #FlyWithoutFins campaign at (linked in our bio)!⁠
#OPSociety @RacingExtinction

We want to take a moment to thank our #OPS Cause Partner @JeuliaJewelry who have been supporting our work through their ocean-inspired jewelry pieces for three years now! If you're looking for some great holiday gifts, please check them out at⁠ (linked in our bio)⁠


Huge strides have been made to #SaveTheWhales from whaling, but Iceland still participates in commercial whaling despite the #InternationalWhalingCommission’s ban on the activity in 1986.⁠

Now, 1,500+ fin and minke whales have been killed in Iceland since 2003! #IfOnlyIceland could end their whaling for good.⁠

TAKE ACTION: Go to (linked in our bio) to help us urge the Icelandic Directorate of Fisheries and Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries to NOT RENEW whaling quotas for 2024 and beyond.

This #GivingTuesday, help us inspire more people to become activists through our upcoming films and projects! ...

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