Sadly, lionfish have moved into the Atlantic Ocean, threatening local wildlife. ...More >

Restoring Jamaica's lost coral reefs – photo essay. #GlowingGone #ChasingCoral...More >

Join Australian Marine Conservation Society and close the loophole to stop illeg...More >

Sadly, lionfish have moved into the Atlantic Ocean, threatening local wildlife....More >

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Expose the Truth.
Protect the Planet.

We create films, inspire awareness and action through visual displays, and collaborate with partners to champion a humane and sustainable future.

Viewers of The Cove since release in 2009
Viewers reached by The Vatican projection event
Viewers of Racing Extinction’s Debut in 1st 24hrs

We Create to Inspire. We Collaborate to Solve.

By documenting humankind's formidable impact on the environment, our mission is to give voice to the voiceless.

Combining state-of-the-art technology, courage and covert operations, OPS harnesses the power of the camera to expose crimes against nature and illuminate solutions in our quest to chase desperation with action.

Our Work

The Cove

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Racing Extinction

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Projecting Change

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Visual Displays

Projecting Change

Projecting Change seeks to highlight the beauty of endangered wildlife by projecting compelling visual imagery onto iconic architecture worldwide, literally shining a light on our duty to protect the planet.

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Global Issues

OPS films illuminate pressing global issues.

The world is often kept in the dark about serious threats to our planet. This is where we shine a light and focus our lens. We help people see things in ways they will never forget.

Global Issues

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