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TAKE ACTION: The public has a chance to weigh in on a proposed five-year offshor...More >

K2 was only 11 years old and reportedly being treated for a respiratory illness ...More >

After seeing a worrying trend of anglers targeting white sharks in CA, we're so ...More >

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Expose the Truth.
Protect the Planet.

OPS inspires, empowers, and connects a global community using high-impact films and visual storytelling to expose the most critical issues facing our planet.

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We Create to Inspire. We Collaborate to Solve.

By documenting humankind's formidable impact on the environment, we inspire action and motivate change.

Combining state-of-the-art technology, courage, and covert operations, OPS harnesses the power of the camera to expose crimes against nature and illuminate solutions.

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The Cove

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Racing Extinction

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Projecting Change

Our visual displays show you a world you will never forget.

We highlight the beauty of our shared home by projecting compelling content onto iconic architecture worldwide.

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Global Threats

OPS films help change the world.

We shine a light on the most critical issues facing our planet.

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Take action to protect the planet.

Through our collaborations with partners, policy makers, and front-line defenders, we champion a more humane and sustainable future.

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Making Waves on Instagram

We know Mondays are hard but hopefully this cute seal makes it a little easier! Video by Zlatin Georgiev #OPSociety ...

California has officially joined Washington and Oregon in banning harmful deep sea mining in state waters! We are so happy and proud to have supported this piece of legislation! #opsociety #racingextinction #conservation #protectwhatyoulove ...

Support the SWIMS Act!⁠
The SWIMS Act would end the future capture and breeding of orcas, beluga whales, false killer whales, and pilot whales by amending both the US Marine Mammal Protection Act and Animal Welfare Act to prohibit the taking, importation, exportation, and breeding of these species. The Act provides exemptions for animals being transported to a sanctuary setting or released to the wild.⁠
TAKE ACTION: Head to bit.ly/SWIMSAct (linked in our bio to voice your support!⁠

Sadly, another brutal grind took place over the weekend in #Syðrugøta in the #FaroeIslands. It took the lives of 21 pilot whales. It's been reported that an additional two juvenilles become separated from the pod and were seen circling the area, undoubtedly distressed and traumatized.⁠
TAKE ACTION: Speak up against these hunts. Go to bit.ly/StopTheGrindadrap (linked in our bio)⁠
#OPSociety #RacingExtinction

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