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Change your diet. Save the planet.

Plant-based diets promote planetary health.

Curbing climate change, safeguarding our oceans, and protecting endangered species may be as simple as changing our diet. Animal agriculture and commercial fisheries are the primary drivers of marginalized and dwindling wildlife populations. The environmental impact of our dietary dependence on meat, milk and eggs is profound. Reducing our meat consumption will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce deforestation, and conserve scarce water resources. Forests and oceans are the planet’s own natural defense systems against climate change. Keeping them healthy and intact is up to each of us.

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Why This Issue Matters
Why it is important

A meat-based diet takes a heavy toll on the environment.

How it relates to you

Food systems—in particular, livestock production—are key drivers of environmental degradation and climate change.

How to join the cause

Adopting a plant-rich diet can reduce meat production, consumption of scarce resources, and animal suffering. Want to get started? Click here for easy ways to be a part of the solution!

Adopting plant-rich diets reduces our carbon footprint.

Meat and dairy production requires more land, more water, and releases higher greenhouse gas emissions than plant-based alternatives. Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the most powerful choices you can make to reduce climate change.

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