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Global climate change is altering our earthly home.

Save the whales and protect the climate.

Food production as a whole is responsible for up to a quarter of greenhouse gases produced by humankind. Ocean fisheries also play a role. Emissions from fishing operations are considerable due to the fuel used to power fishing vessels. The elimination of marine life, such as whales, from the marine ecosystem reduces ocean carbon absorption. Whales facilitate carbon absorption by contributing and circulating nutrients which boosts photosynthesis and productivity in the marine flora and fauna that also sequester carbon. Whales in the ocean help sequester as much carbon as U.S. forests do.

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Why This Issue Matters
Why it is important

The oceans and forests absorb carbon, stabilize the climate, and release life-sustaining oxygen.

How it relates to you

Climate change, and our response, will determine the future for all life on this planet.

How to join the cause

Protect the oceans, protect the climate. Join OPS to start now.

Deforestation and habitat destruction

As we burn fossil fuels in our cars or homes, greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. Land conversion for animal agriculture or commercial crops, like palm oil, is hastening global climate change.

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Racing Extinction

Everything that we do releases massive amounts of carbon dioxide. Racing Extinction, through a special CO2 camera, shows how our carbon-based economy is ruining the planet. CO2 is real, and it is in our everyday life.


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