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Did you know whales are one of our most powerful allies in combatting the climat...More >

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Unsustainable fishing methods threaten the stability of marine ecosystems.

Global fish stocks are collapsing.

Global fish stocks are being overharvested at biologically unsustainable levels. The health and stability of our oceans is threatened by warming, acidification, sea level rise, pollution and the overuse of marine resources. Fisheries and aquaculture contribute nutrition, income, and livelihoods for hundreds of millions of people around the world–but at a high cost to marine ecosystems. Fish is one of the most-traded food commodities worldwide. Trawl and drift nets indiscriminately entangle even non-target marine life, posing a serious threat to ocean ecosystems. OPS’ goal is to reduce our fisheries footprint, one person at a time.

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Why This Issue Matters
Why it is important

Destructive and unsustainable fishing practices are a primary threat to marine life worldwide.

How it relates to you

Unsustainable fisheries undermine healthy oceans, global food security, and species protection.

How to join the cause

Join OPS to reduce your fish footprint–know more, eat less.

Give the ocean a day off.

Be part of the solution and keep fish off your dish. Commercial fisheries deplete the world’s oceans and pose a risk to marine life. Going to eat fish? Choose only sustainably-sourced species.

Choose Wisely

Racing Extinction

Overfishing, habitat destruction, and unsustainable bycatch are depleting marine life, harming coastal communities, and threatening endangered species. OPS exposes the extensive global trade in shark products and an ocean under threat. But action can inspire hope.


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