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Whaling operations still threaten whales in the 21st century.

Whales and dolphins are hunted worldwide.

Still the targets for directed hunts and captures in some countries, whales and dolphins are facing a gauntlet of human-generated threats that also endanger their ocean homes, including climate change, commercial fisheries, marine debris and other forms of pollution, and oil and gas exploration.

Hunted on an industrial scale for their oil, and in some countries for their meat, many species of great whales suffered catastrophic declines. Even though many nations have reversed course and recognize the devastating effects of whaling across the globe, others continue to hunt whales. The fight for their protection continues.

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Why This Issue Matters
Why it is important

Whales and dolphins are still captured, hunted, and consumed in many parts of the world.

How it relates to you

Your consumer choices impact whale and dolphin protection worldwide.

How to join the cause

Join OPS to support our efforts to expose and confront whale and dolphin hunts.

Whale and dolphin captivity

When whales and dolphins are captured for display in marine parks and aquaria, they are removed from their natural populations and can no longer contribute to the health of their family groups, or the oceans.

Related Issue

The Cove connects the deadly dolphin drive hunts and captivity.

During the drive hunts, some dolphins are selected alive by aquaria. Dolphins from these hunts are shipped within Japan and to other international facilities, including swim-with-the-dolphin programs in places like China, Ukraine, Turkey, Thailand, and Vietnam.


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