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The commercial wildlife trade is pushing endangered species towards extinction and increasing the risk of global pandemics.

Wildlife Crime

Endangered species are being poached and smuggled on an unprecedented scale across the globe to feed an organized and lucrative trade in their parts and products. The global wildlife trade is a multi-billion dollar business, often involving corrupt and sophisticated international crime syndicates. OPS investigations continue to expose this transnational trade that is rivaled only by the trafficking in guns and drugs. During the course of our investigations, we are sometimes able to intervene and actually assist local authorities in bringing wildlife traders to justice or confiscate and liberate wildlife.

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Watch OPS undercover footage of the wildlife markets

Watch our campaign video about the pandemic-wildlife trade connection

Why This Issue Matters
Why it is important

The illegal wildlife trade is pushing some species to the brink of extinction and impacts global health.

How it relates to you

Your consumer choices can impact how wildlife species are captured, confined, traded, and even killed.

How to join the cause

Join OPS so that we can safeguard biodiversity by shining a light on wildlife crime.

Ending the consumer demand for animal products

Endangered species are being poached and smuggled on an unprecedented scale to meet consumer demand for meat, health and wellness products, and novelty items. Our consumer demand for animal products fuels this devastating trade.

Related Issue

Racing Extinction

Racing Extinction reveals a major threat to endangered species, the illegal wildlife trade. Captured, hunted, and traded to supply consumer demand for medicinal cures, tonics, and curios, creatures that have survived for millennia are being pushed to the brink.


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